Three Centuries - One Company






Vinzenz Krischan

Vinzenz Krischan founded the company in 1895. The first location of the company was in Viennas 12th district, Vivenotgasse. During that time the main business was the transport of dairy products and furniture.


In 1928 Vinzenz Krischan´s son took over the company and moved to Vienna´s 14th district, Stiegergasse 2 (which is now in the 15th district). Under the new management the company specialised in the transport of furniture. In 1941 Krischan´s team moved again: Vienna´s 15th district, Geibelgasse 11.


Until 1948 transports were made by means of horse carriages. Only then the first van was bought.



Karl Krischan

In 1960 the incorporated company RUDOLF KRISCHAN was taken over by Karl Krischan. Under his direction the company grew up into its current strenght and importance. Activities in a new line of business, e.g. transport of new furniture, made it necessary to move the company´s site again. Since that time, the location is: Vienna, 10th district, Quellenstrasse 155.


Karl Krischan acted as managing director of the forwarding agency until 1990. Then he entrusted the company´s direction to his son Rudolf.


Rudolf Krischan


Rudolf Krischan

The present managing director Rudolf Krischan was born in Vienna in 1965. After graduation and some years of experience he joined his fathers company in 1986. Nevertheless he used to drive around heavy-duty vans long before he got his driving license. He is married and has two children.